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Skylens Aerial Photography was created by two innovative and tech-savvy pros with a passion for creativity, photography, marketing and making things look good. Aerial photography is a new technology that allows us to capture unique perspectives for marketing, inspection, and documentation purposes. We are always looking for new ways to add value to small businesses and entrepreneurs - to give them a competitive advantage.

Our vision took to the sky and we formed Skylens Aerial Photography as a partner company to King Dezign (our graphic design and website agency). 


Image_1 2020-07-31_19-18-39.jpeg

Owner + Drone Pilot

Dez has been in the marketing, advertising, and photography industry for over 11 years. She has experience working for forward-thinking organizations and startups in real estate, finance, healthcare, and retail in high-level Marketing roles. She enjoys traveling, boating, playing tennis, and exploring the outdoors. 


In her spare time, Dez has developed and sold several e-commerce startups including Omega Seed Spice LLC, Realtor Supply Company, Mile High Gems, and Batch Tea Company.

For the past 9 years, Dez has been providing small business and mid-size business clients with Graphic Design, Website Design and Marketing Consulting.
Her portfolio can be found here:

Dez received a B.A. degree in Mass Communication with a focus on Visual Design and Marketing from the University of St. Francis in Illinois. She is currently going on 5 years as a CMO & VP of Marketing Operations for several fast growing finance and marketing companies in Denver, Colorado and across the country.

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